Pastoral Care

Fremantle Christian College has a firm commitment to pastoral care and fostering healthy relationships within the College community. We have a very active parent representative team, two chaplains, a supportive school psychologist and most importantly a strong teacher community that is committed to ensuring that students receive the greatest care.


The primary role of the College Chaplains is to provide support to students as they grow socially, emotionally and spiritually. The support offered by the Chaplains includes on-on-one conversations with students, targeted small groups and strategic programs addressing the issues of self-esteem and respect, spiritual awareness, regular Chapel services and the development of healthy relationships.
The College Chaplain relates closely with parents, guardians, college staff and external agencies to meet these goals.

Pastoral Care

FCC is a Christian College passionate about nurturing Christian values in our students. Our Pastoral Care program encourages high standards of behaviour promoting the development of sound character in each student. Excellent character is essential to the holistic growth of all students, enabling them to become the very best they can be. The College motto highlights the specific values of Faith, Character and Courage while wisdom, knowledge, self-discipline, integrity and service are additional values reflected in all our programs.

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