Extra-Curricular Programs

Students of Fremantle Christian College are encouraged to participate fully in extra curricular activities. These include leadership development programs, sporting programs and an Instrumental Music Program. Some of these lessons run during school times whilst others are held after school.


Secondary students may nominate to represent their year group on the Student Council. The Student Council is made up of representatives from each year group who will tackle student issues, contribute positively towards College life and represent the student body at College events.


Fremantle Christian College students are encouraged to take advantage of after school tutoring which is offered weekly. There is no substitute for hard work and seeking support is essential if students are falling behind or struggling with any aspect of their school work. Teachers provide this support free of charge.


Fremantle Christian College is developing its extra-curricular sports program. Secondary students have the opportunity to participate in a limited number of sporting teams and have been privileged to access coaching from a number of professional athletes. As the sports program develops, the opportunities to represent FCC will expand through participation in a range of local competitions.


Instrumental music tuition is offered to Secondary students, through independent providers, offering a wide range of options. Private lessons are held during school hours and a suitable lesson time is arranged by the instrumental teacher in consultation with the classroom teachers and the parent or caregiver.

New Life Youth

New Life Youth is an extra-curricular program for secondary students that runs on Friday nights during the school term. The program is a blend of high energy activities, sharing meals and teaching. Experienced leaders help youth to understand and connect to God’s love for them while creating a safe and enjoyable environment to connect with peers.

To find out more contact FCC Chaplain and New Life Youth Pastor Nathan Hollett: [email protected]

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