Extra-Curricular Programs

Student Leadership Program

A Student Leadership program is offered in recognition of those students who have been identified as having leadership qualities and potential. Students from the Year 6 class are eligible for selection in the Student Leadership Group. Participation in this leadership group is by invitation and participating students will attend a Student Leadership Conference held early in the school year. Regular leadership meetings will be held to develop leadership skills and provide guidance as to the practical ways the Student Leadership Group can impact the College on behalf of the entire student body. In addition, the Student Leaders are required to organise and run certain College activities, such as the Celebration Assemblies.

Sports & Physical Education Program

Fremantle Christian College offers a diverse Physical Education program throughout both Primary and Secondary classes. Students are taught fundamental movements and skills, which are built on year by year, through various sports and outdoor activities, which align with the West Australian Curriculum in the aim to build discipline and resilience. Students are also provided with the opportunity to represent our college in interschool sports such as swimming, basketball, cricket, soccer, netball, athletics and cross country. These interschool teams train weekly in the lead up to their carnivals and games. Our college holds partnerships with surrounding professional sports clubs and coaches that continue to assist our interschool teams with preparation and training. Our interschool teams have seen recent success in swimming, basketball and cricket carnivals. Fremantle Christian College will continue to provide multiple opportunities for student sporting success.

Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental music tuition is offered through independent providers who offer a wide range of musical instrument tuition. These lessons are held during school hours and are arranged between the classroom Teacher, the parent or caregiver and the Tutor as to when the student may be released from the classroom for music tutoring. Students are eligible to enter the Instrumental Music Program from Year 1.
Please speak to someone in the Office if you are interested in enrolling your child in the instrumental program.


The primary school choir has been growing in popularity and numbers since starting in 2013. Students commit themselves to a weekly rehearsal and the choir performs at various events throughout the school year.


Clubs are run by members of the teaching staff during the school term. The numbers are limited, depending on the activity but they have become a popular part of the extra-curricular activities offered by the College.
The activities on offer vary widely including team sports, individual sporting skills, cooking, knitting, quilling and drama.

Music Night

Towards the end of the year a Music Night is held to showcase the talent of students who have been learning musical instruments, singing in choirs and/or taking dance performance electives. The annual Music Night is a highlight in the school calendar which applauds the talent and hard work of many students.

New Life Kids

New Life Kids is an extra-curricular, after-school program for primary school students. Programs for PP-Year 3 and Years 4-6 take place on Thursday afternoons. Activities include afternoon tea, games, worship and Bible teaching. Due to the popularity of this program, students must be pre-registered to participate.

Enquiries can be directed to FCC Chaplain and New Life Youth Pastor Nathan Hollett.
Email: [email protected]

FCC Dads

FCC Dads works in partnership with New Life Church.

FCC Dads exists to:

  • Grow relationships between Dads and their kids by providing fun experiences for them to share together
  • Grow community between Dads so they can support one another
  • Provide training opportunities for Dads on being better dads
  • Support the College’s mission to instil Faith, Character and Courage in our students

New Dads and Father-figures are welcome! Contact the FCC Dads Coordinator to hear about upcoming events: [email protected]

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