Early Years


Early Childhood Philosophy

At Fremantle Christian College, we believe each child is a unique individual created by God. We are passionate about creating a purposeful learning environment where children are encouraged to be creative thinkers, curious learners and respectful interactors through proactive hands on experiences.

We create a sense of belonging and encourage our students to develop independence within a supportive child-centred environment. Play is imperative in our Early Learning Centre, and our educators, with their specific expertise in Early Childhood development, observe and listen carefully to the children in their care, using this information to understand and engage them.

Our program and educators foster belonging and encourage resilience in our students. In Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre-primary, we focus on the children ‘seeing and doing’ and being immersed in first-hand learning whenever possible. We strive to foster curiosity, wonder and discovery of God’s world among our young people.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program runs one day a week. Kindergarten is a three day a week program, with full time schooling occurring from Pre-primary. For more information about our programs, download one of the handbooks below, or contact our enrolment team for a school tour on [email protected] or (08) 9430 6635.

Pre-Kindy Handbook
Kindy Handbook