Statement of Belief

Fremantle Christian College has an open enrolment policy and welcomes families from different faiths. Being a Christian is not a requirement for enrolment however all parents and students must be willing to support the Christian ethos of the College.

Below is a summary of what we believe:

  • that the Bible is the word of God and is the trustworthy authority concerning God’s character and purposes.
  • that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Lord of all; he came to the earth as fully God and fully man, he lived a life of perfect submission to God the Father, he died and was physically resurrected, and will return to the earth again.
  • that in accepting the sacrifice of Jesus’ death, our sins are forgiven and we can enjoy a restored relationship with God and experience eternal life.
  • a life lived through Christ is the only way that people can truly thrive according to their design and purpose as the beloved creation of God.