Student Management Policy

At Fremantle Christian College every student and teacher has a right to:

  • Learn or teach free from disruption
  • Be treated courteously
  • Be free from any form of discrimination including verbal or physical abuse
  • Work in a clean, safe and healthy environment

Read the Primary Student Management Policy
Read the Secondary Student Management Policy

Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend school regularly and on time.

Read the Attendance Policy

Assessment Policies

At Fremantle Christian College we believe assessment practices have a powerful impact on learning and teaching.

Read the Assessment and Reporting Policy

Read the Senior Secondary School Assessment Policy

Uniform Policy

All students enrolled at Fremantle Christian College are required to wear the school uniform, with the exception of Pre-Kindy children.

Read the Uniform Policy

Order uniform online

Download the Uniform Ordering Booklet

Bullying Policy

Fremantle Christian College believes that all students, regardless of age, have the right to develop physically, mentally, spiritually and socially, free from any form of abuse or harassment. Student welfare is a priority for the College and bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Read the Student Code of Conduct for more on bullying.

Mobile Phone Policy

Due to the advancement of technology and the community acceptance of mobile technology, guidelines need to be put in place to prevent the misuse of this technology during school hours. The College recognizes that mobile phones may be required before or after school times by students.

Read the Student Code of Conduct for more on mobile phone management.

Complaints and Disputes Policy

At times incidents and perceptions will arise that can negatively impact on relationships within the College unless dealt with in a respectful and appropriate manner. Following a clear Complaints and Disputes procedure will minimise anxiety for parents, students and staff alike allowing the College community to uphold the goal of educating with excellence at all times.

Read the Complaints and Disputes Policy.

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