About Us


Fremantle Christian College has a long and rich history. In 1903, Hamilton Hill Primary School was opened to ease the pressure of numbers on Coogee Primary School. The original classrooms built in 1903 remain on the site and have been heritage listed by the Cockburn Council. When the old Hamilton Hill School closed, the site was occupied in 1989 by Southern Christian Academy, which changed its name to Calvary Christian College in 1993. In 2003 the College was adopted by New Life Christian Community, a vibrant and growing church in Fremantle, and re-named New Life Christian College. Early in 2014 the Board, in keeping with their belief that the College would eventually have a significant regional impact, re-branded the school and changed its name to Fremantle Christian College. An application to extend the year levels of the College was submitted shortly after and approval was granted by the Minister for Education in August 2014. The future of Fremantle Christian College is exciting and expansive. Plans to extend the existing campus are well underway as we continue to grow into a fully single streamed primary school and add a double streamed secondary school that will serve the growing population in the surrounding region.


In 2014 New Life Christian College was re-branded Fremantle Christian College. Our new logo is significantly different to the old one but continues to speak of a bold, consistent and maturing vision for the College.

The new logo features a colourful and diverse ‘nest’ together with a strong regional name set against a dynamic blue background. The nest represents the nurturing environment that has long been a hallmark of the College. The different colours, sizes and over lapping pattern of the sticks captures the diversity of the College community and the genuine, relational inter-dependence. Tucked into the nest is the subtle image of a cross. This reflects the central position that Jesus Christ holds in Fremantle Christian College. Everything we do and aspire to flows from faith in God and a desire to make Him known.

Nurturing, Diverse, Dynamic, Christ-centred